Monday, March 4, 2013

Comparing Resale Homes vs. New Construction in Novi MI

Back then, people say that newer homes tend to be more expensive than the older houses, but this is not true in the present times anymore. At the increase of land costs, new home sizes have shrunk. The materials used for construction nowadays are also different from what we once utilized before. This greatly affects the inventory of homes for sale in Novi MI, but this is quite good for the buyers who are interested to buy something that has never been used before.

This blog post allows you to see the advantages of new construction in Novi MI against resale houses, brought to you by Conquest Real Estate (Novi Website:

A Look into Older Homes

Classic construction has a unique character and some has been made intricately by craftsmen. Resale houses also boast of larger yards, were created in an established neighborhood, and have long-term neighbors. It also has better vegetation, wit mature trees all around. However, these homes need more maintenance; because of its age, you will periodically discover something to fix.

Floors may slope and stone foundations may be unstable. If you’re looking to upgrade your wiring and plumbing, be ready to shell out bigger cash. You’d also have to be content having smaller storage spaces and garages, because back in the days people doesn’t have many items to store. Remodeling may be necessary, but that will only cost you as much as buying an entirely new home.

A Look into New Construction

New construction in Novi MI may take quite a time to be established. Investors have to bear the many documentation and building process, but after that, the rewards are greater compared to buying resale homes. You will need little maintenance, as its newness allows it to last for the present. You’re about to enjoy modern conveniences built right in to your home, fitting your preferences and making your life more comfortable. Just in case anything breaks down, your new construction in Novi MI home is under the builder’s warranty. You can choose to have your home built in with energy efficient utilities, better insulation and advanced ventilation.

Of course, with new construction, everything is built to code, just the way you want it. If you’re thinking to buy a property in Novi, then new construction is perfect for you. Find out how you can enjoy your new home with Conquest; visit their site at

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