Monday, March 4, 2013

The Benefits of Buying New Construction Homes in Novi MI

Many people understand the perks of buying new construction homes in Novi MI. we’ve heard all about the experience of walking into a home that is built on your own concept, being the first resident to dwell in. We’ve also shared about the practical costs of Novi new construction in the long run, as compared to resale homes. We also have factored the warranties, which is a great benefit especially when it comes to the usage of our utilities.

However, there are much more benefits we reap from buying new homes for sale in Novi MI. take for example this list, bought to you by Conquest Real Estate (

1.      The ability to choose your builder. When you are buying a house that is already put up, you are losing the perk of finding the right provider for your home. You are not aware you are not aware whether your house is built properly or if there are defects in it. Thus, you are paying for something, which is already degrading. Many builders today are offering many energy efficient innovations when it comes to new construction homes in Novi MI, obliterating older techniques into new concepts to produce convenient construction methods. This will ensure the best for your home.
2.      Keep an eye on framing. Framing is where the whole construction begins, where you are able to determine the insulation capability of the walls. A resale home may look good on the exterior but if it doesn’t warm you up snuggly during winter, it may have a lower value of insulation. Alongside this, builders add thermo resistant utilities that reduce summer heat.
3.      Better HVAC. This consumes most of your house’s electricity and paying attention to its installation is extremely vital. Older HVACs can eat up most of the energy and can result to higher bills. New equipments, on the other hand, are measured by a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) which ensures that your home is well insulated.

It is also good to look at smaller details to see greater rewards in our home. Start with your new construction homes in Novi MI; consult Conquest at

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